5 Best Free Apps To Automatically Record Calls On Android Devices


Automatically Record Calls On Android

Call recording is becoming a trend or we can say that it’s becoming more & more popular among the peoples. It is used for the various purposes if you want to spy someone & we sometimes forget some things so we need to record information when takes a phone call & we want to use a call recording as an Evidence. There are many apps that have been launched to “Automatically Record the calls”. These apps record comes with the various features. These apps allow us to record all the Incoming & Outgoing calls on your Androids Phone. These apps help us to automatically record all the calls on your Android phone. These apps come with tremendous features like auto or manual recording. These apps also provide us to choose different audio sources and unusual file format. It also helps us to decide which call we want to save. Some Androids APPs that allow you to record calls effortlessly. Choose the one best suit your needs.

Note* – The best Automatically Call Recording is “Security”. But in some countries these apps are illegal to use so be careful about that also.


 1. Call Record

Android Call recorder

This app is the highly rated call recording on Google Play Store. This allows you to record incoming & outgoing calls on your Android phone. And it comes with the various features like we can record auto or manual recordings. Helps you that user can protect all the recordings by providing the password facility & also doesn’t delete all the recordings automatically. You can use that on which folder you want to sync your all call recordings on your SD card & helps you to how exactly you want it to sync. You can save the recordings, but also to play back them later whenever you need them. It’s basically using the drop box which is the third party that helps you to auto backup your recordings. This also provides the facility like you can see all your call recordings by date by time by group by name.


NOTE* – This app is not working for the Android version 4.0.3.so update it with a new version (4.1 or higher).This allow you to connect your Google drive account & Drop Box to sync your recordings.

2. Automatic Call Recorder

This app is the second most used apps because it is an easy way to record all the call in a simplest & easiest way. It does same as its name is suggesting to auto record the calls. This has given the so many features to the user lie it allows to hide all the notifications. It saves the memory also of your phone because it allows choosing the number that which call can be recorded or which not. Its user interface & design is simple & beautiful also which is the key feature of this app. You can add the note with the recording later that which call contains which information or you can add the date & time also.

Note*- You can record the calls up to 300 which is quiet enough on the free version, but at $7 Pro version up to 1000 calls with additional features also. And allow with drop box & Google drive connectivity to auto backup your calls.

3. Super Call Recorder

Super Call Recorder

As the name is suggesting the “Super” but it’s quiet differ from its name. This app doesn’t have that many qualities as the name is sounding. You need the speakerphones for hearing the other person. There is no option available in it to change the “type of recording”. And also user can export the cloud annually. This app is quiet simple but not for used.


 4. Call Recorder-Automatic

call record automatic

This app is quite similar with automatic call recorder but it has some extra features that are not present in others app from the other apps because its helps you to automatically record the calls while you are on call which is the key feature of this application. This app provides you to manage your recordings either by name by group date in an easy way. It allows you to choose which call you want to record or which you want. This is an advertisement supported version. This allows you to choose which call record you want to save & share also.

 5. All call recorder

This app is very efficient & simple. The recordings can be save auto & manually by doing the certain settings that are provided in this app. This helps user to share your recording whether by Bluetooth & messenger & by email also. All the recorded calls are shared via cloud storage.it saves the telephonic conversations in 3gp file format. The cloud storage available on Google drive & drop box & much more. This is another application that you can use for auto call recording


Now Most Technical Part & important Part is “Never Run out of Space”:-

The best and first thing you can do it to “sync your all recordings in the cloud” as soon as possible & you can say that to take as a “Backup” of your all the calls and once it done delete the recordings from your device once you do it. The Sync is done by use Drop Box by Google drive by YouTube & by Microsoft SkyDrive.