Windows PC Hacked

It seems like every day now that we see a new headline on the cyber security breach. These breaches all about millions of records being hacked from a financial institution or retailer. The number of data breaches and hacking attacks are keep rising and the internet has become a most scary place on the planet.

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Today, it is hard to say that any device is completely secure, while every other day a new malware appears in the cyber security world.

Alternatively a long list of antivirus available on the internet, there’s a new safeguard made by Microsoft team that will add an extra layer of security to your personal computer.

Windows developer Lance McCarthy has developed a whole new app called “Hacked?.”  This app needs your email address and does the rest process on its own. This app automatically informed you if your data has compromised.  This app works with windows 10 PCs, smartphone and HoloLens too.

The Hacked? The app keeps running in the background and it automatically scans your accounts at every 12 hours. It will send you automatic notifications if it notices some issues.

The developing team of this app makes sure to tell that your account information is secured.

Visit here the app – Hacked?