Denmark's Intelligence Agency creates

In Denmark, the country’s intelligence agency has announced to create a hacking school that is called Hacker Academy. PET’s (Politiets Efterrentningstjenste) hacking school is scheduled start to August 1, 2016. They offer training program includes three modules spread across four and a half months.

There are three modules are

  •  The first one is basic module on network, IT infrastructure and advanced security.
  • The Second module is based on defensive hacking.
  • The third module based on tech participants about offensive hacking techniques.

Hacker Academy’s Location being kept secret

The training will held on Copenhagen, The Denmark’s Capital, at an undisclosed location, and once students finished their courses, they will enrolled in PET’s Computer Network Exploitation team.


The hacking school (PET) will take a few hackers in every year, and the most important thing, the requirement process will go through the same high-quality stages applied for the Royal Danish commando corps, that will includes a long series of psychological exams.

PET head “Lars Findsen” has given a statement to Danish newspaper (Politiken) that participants don’t to be top level hackers, but basic knowledge required on which agency can build upon. Also Pet says that its hacker academy will provide qualified personnel data so country could from a cyber-espionage division to spy on others countries and terrorists activating abroad or inside Denmark’s boards.