Facebook users in parts of the world experiencing a biggest social media blackout, according to reports online. Downdetector.com reports Facebook problems are evident parts of central Europe and the East and West Coast of US.

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Facebook has yet to comment via its newsroom or official Twitter page, despite the collective twittersphere going into a mini meltdown.

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Error messages on the social network suggest Facebook’s team is working to fix the problems as soon as it can.

Complaints from users range from Facebook timeline issues to pages not loading correctly.

“Can’t access any company pages for which I am an admin,” one person wrote online.

“Personal page not loading fully. Newsfeed seems to be working.”

Another added: “In Arlington, Virginia. Cannot access my notifications… what’s going on??!!”

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Some people are suggesting the issues have something to do with today being Friday the 13th.

“Friday 13th-coinkdink? I think not,” wrote one Facebook user.

“All the pages are empty except for profile pic and header photo. Friday the 13th? Hmmmm strange,” another added.

Source: RT.com