How To Become A Pro Hacker 12Every person who is attached to the technology and technical websites are aware with the term Hacker. The term applied to the person who uses his computer and laptop to access the unauthorized data. Learn about hacking and trying it is not a crime unless you are doing it in order to get unauthorized access to any data. You can use it for your security as well so that others can’t hack you. If you think hackers only hacks into networks and steal data, then you are wrong in that part. The main motive behind providing hacking courses and its learning to the people, who are interested to become hackers and are ready to tackle with other hackers who are not using their skills nicely. So today I will tell you about 5 hacking skills which will show you how to become hacker. Because if you want to become a pro hacker you need to beat one. So check out these skills below.

5 Skills Required To Become A Pro Hacker

1. Basic Computer and Networking Skills

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Basic knowledge is the base of any knowledge. If you know about the basic functions of your computer and if you can easily register and set your own networking parameters on your windows, it will definitely help you while you are learning hacking. Every person who wishes to become a hacker will have to understand these networking skills:

IPv4, IPv6, DHCP, NAT, Subnetting, DNS, Routers and switches, VLANs, OSI model, Public v Private IP, MAC addressing, ARP.


These skills will definitely help them to grow their hacking capability.


2. Linux Skill and Wireshark

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Hackers love Linux OS. We can say that Linux is the favorite operating system of hackers. The hacking tools we used on the Linux are specially made and developed for hackers. Linux provides an open source platform and free operating systems for hackers which windows doesn’t provide. That’s why hackers use Linux. To know more about Linux, Click on the link below.

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On the other hand, Wireshark is free software used for educational purpose, network troubleshooting, software and communications protocol development as well as for the analysis. It is actually an open source packet analyzer.

3. Virtualization And Security Concepts

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The meaning of virtualization is that you need to make a virtual version to test your hacking skills before go live. You can do this by making a virtual version of the operating system, storage device and server or network resources. If you want to become a pro hacker you have to learn these security concept skills like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Firewalls and so many more. Your strong hold on security will let you control barriers set by security Admin.


4. Wireless Technologies and Scripting

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The most popular thing on the hacking is how to hack a wifi. People who wish to hack a wireless network or devices must have to understand all of their functions. For that they need to learn professional encryption algorithm like WPA, WEP, WPA2, WPS and the 4 way handshake. On the other hand Scripting is the most important skill if you need to become a pro hacker. Sometimes hackers use other hackers’ tools to hack something. By doing that, they got dis- rated for using those tools. So you need to make a new tool which you can use to cope with hackers. Security Admin does that when any hacking attempt happens on their server.

5. Database and Web Applications

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With the help of big DBMS like Oracle and My SQL. You will able to access or hack databases on the other computers. The Database is the collection of data present on the computer and can accessible with so many ways. Whereas Web Applications is the software which you can use on the internet with your web browser. You will be able to do anything if you will find out the functioning of all the web applications and the database backing them.


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So these were the skills you needed to know to become a hacker. Share this article if you liked it.