It’s barely a year that Windows 10 had come out. Lots of people are happy with this upgrade. They are loving it. I mean Yes! This is the best version yet of windows made by the Microsoft. But on the other hand, so many people didn’t like this upgrade. They are just looking for alternatives or just happy with the Windows 8.1. But there is an OS which is very much better than any alternative. That is Linux. I found out some facts about Linux that you really need to know and then decides that you should switch to Linux Operating Systems from Windows 10 or not?

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1. Free Operating Systems For Life

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Linux Over Windows 10 3

We know that Linux is a free and open source platform and many operating systems are built upon it. These Operating systems are based upon Linux and are absolutely free. You don’t need to buy anything if you are on Linux. All you need is a USB flash Drive, a good Internet connection and the method that how to install it. Windows won’t give it to you that.

2. All Programs Are free

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Linux Over Windows 10 4

Windows also gives free programs, but those programs are not up to the mark. They just provide some access of the program, and for full access you need to download the paid version. I mean on windows the free programs are not considered in A+ category. But if you will install Ubuntu Linux on your PC or Laptop, you will see tons of free software available there. Also, if you will check the depth of Ubuntu you will see paid programs, but on Linux Operating Systems, Paid programs are in the minority.

3. Better Security And Privacy

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Linux Over Windows 10 5


This is the best part of Linux that it takes your security so seriously that you can’t install software without entering your password. It’s quietly impossible. Also the developers of the Linux OS go inside the server checks each and every package if they are malicious or not. Windows can’t do that. The worst thing about Windows 10 is that it doesn’t give importance to your privacy. It collects so much data from your system without your permission that is why it is less privacy friendly. So if you worry about your privacy and want better take care of it, you should definitely choose Linux Operating Systems over windows 10.

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4. Linux will Run on Anything

If you have an aging hardware and you are thinking you can’t install Linux on it. Then you are wrong in that part. If you have any old system with RAM of 128 MB then you can easily install Linux on it. For example – Lubuntu can run on a very low RAM. But windows cannot run on little RAM. Your system will definitely crash.

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5. Open Source And Best Customization

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Linux Over Windows 10 6


Most of the Part of the Linux distribution has been made by Open Source technologies. An installation called vanilla for your Linux OS won’t contain any closed code programs. That’s why all software programs are completely free and you can also modify and customize the whole look of your Linux. Desktop theme, task bar customization, change icons, everything you can do on your Linux and all are completely allowed. But windows cannot give you these authorities to change everything on it. You are stuck with it.

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So what are you waiting for? If you found these reasons logical then just go for it. Install Linux now and you will realize it’s worth it. You won’t regret it. So if you like my article and these reasons, just Share it everywhere. Leave your comment and share your experience if you are having a great time with Linux Distribution or not? Follow techxerl on twitter and Subscribe us for the latest updates.