Top 5 Cool Android Apps To Hack WiFi: Must try


Top 5 Cool Android Apps To Hack WiFi 6

Few days back, we posted the article about how you can hack WiFi with WiFiKill App. Everyone loved that article. The App worked perfectly for many people, but for some, it didn’t work. So a lot of people asked us to tell more apps that can use to hack WiFi. So that’s why I researched a bit and found out which apps are really best to hack WiFi on Android. So today I am going to tell you about Top 5 cool, best and amazing Android Apps To Hack WiFi. In case you missed the last article, here is link below.

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Only few people and hackers know that Android can be used as a hacking tool. It’s a powerful device and a tool you can use to hack WiFi. Hacking is not easy at all but with the help of using best hacking apps and your Android phone, you can crack any WiFi security key. So what you are waiting for? Let’s check out the apps.


5 WiFi Hacking Apps For Android

Before looking into the apps, please make sure that your android device is rooted. Otherwise, these apps will not work in your device. So if you want to root your android and use these amazing apps, I must say root now. Here is the Root to Android guide link below:

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Now let’s take a look on these apps.


1. Wps Connect

Top 5 Cool Android Apps To Hack WiFi 3

This app is basically used to kill the WiFi network for other users. You can disable the net connections of the other people who are on the same WiFi network with you. Wps connect will allow you to hack WiFi network and then you can connect to any WiFi network who has password connection.


Download Here

2. WiFi Wps WPA Tester

Top 5 Cool Android Apps To Hack WiFi 5

This is one of the best android app from my opinion, which you can use to hack any WiFi. This app also works in rooted android device. You will get great results if you will use this app. Also, you can connect to any WiFi routers which are vulnerable with this cool app.

Download Here

3. Fing Network tools

Top 5 Cool Android Apps To Hack WiFi 2

This is actually not a hacking app. But this app works as a network analyzer which will show how many devices you are connected to your WiFi. It’s a very fast and accurate app. This App is professionally made for network analysis. Download it and use it. It’s a useful app.

Download Here

4. Network Discovery

Top 5 Cool Android Apps To Hack WiFi

One cool feature about this app is that you don’t need to root your phone to access its functions. You just need to download it and it will help you to track your network details about the WiFi connection in which your Android is connected.

Download Here

5. Network Spoofer

Top 5 Cool Android Apps To Hack WiFi 9

This is the last app which I think will be very helpful for the security of your Android phone. As it’s not a WiFi hacking app, but it is Hacking app which is used as security testing tool which will show you which network is safe to hack and which one is difficult. But yeah, it’s not a penetration testing tool. You can also use it to change websites on other users’ computers with the help of your Android phone.

Download Here

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That’s all. I hope these apps will work for all of you. Enjoy cracking WiFi security keys. Any queries in your mind regarding this article, let us know. You can comment in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share the post. Follow techxerl on twitter and Subscribe us for latest updates.