How To Search Anything On Facebook – Using Facebook Search Engine

Facebook Search Engine

 Facebook Search Engine

Facebook is most important part of not my life and also yours guys, but wait, do you have any idea how we can use the “Facebook Search Engine” to find out anything. I think no, so let me help you to here are some “Tips & Tricks” that can help you. Facebook doesn’t have an easy-to-built his own. ”Search Is Back,” it’s give you a familiar dropdown menus to find people by city, by school, by country, by name & by relationship status & more than that.  It gives all the latest news about the world that what’s happening around you & many more.

Its play’s important role do you know about all the “Things we can do using Facebook Search Engine”? Well, it’s way powerful that we can think. By using a combination of different search phrases you can search all the posts, news, places & Photos. We can even use it for eCommerce/Shopping & for Game lovers & Music Listener’s. It’s also beneficial moreover, it’s quite different from regular web search Engines that we are using like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo & many more that are used by us.

 What role played by “Facebook Internal Search Engine”?

Well, it is one of the most underrated & unused tools we come across every day & also apart from “Google’s search engine.” It’s one of the most powerful search tools that we have at our fingertips. Starting in early 2013 Facebook introduced a kind of search interface it calls “Graph Search” which eventually will replace the traditional search filters. However, Graph Search is being rolled out gradually & not everyone has access to it though they could required to use it in the near future.

What Can We Find with the Graph Search?

Facebook Search lets you as simple questions using natural language to look for say photos taken by your classmate at certain college in specific year & more. These sorts quires weren’t possible before the advent of graph search (so-called because is searches the entire “graph” of tagged content on the network, including photos, fan pages etc.)

 Facebook Search Engine

Facebook search is more powerful than in the early days of social networking, but only if we know how to use it. Moreover, this searching has grown trickier since the social network’s Graph Search was introduced in 2013, because the new query syntax includes many more options. Facebook advanced search is more a concept that a function. This had advanced standalone feature in the early days of its history, but it released a new feature called Graph Search launched in 2013.

Some Awesome Facebook Search Engines

As we all know Facebook is currently providing its powerful search product. But here are some of them & best one

Booshaka: – It was launched in previous years the services aggregated Facebook pages. It helps you to search all the posts by them. It was a very quiet service but it didn’t seem to catch on, which is why company is working on the next version. The first version of search engine was comprehensive, even if not that useful.

Foupas: – This product is one of the weakest search services. Foupas is search engine that gathers information from various aspects of the site. This product adds absolutely no value aver existing search services. If you want to sip this you can definitely do it.

Note*- With Facebook Graph Search, the objects we search for aren’t web Pages but instead virtual representations of real world objects: people, places & things.

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