HTML 5.1 Is The Latest Web Standard, Replace HTML 5 As The New “W3C Recommendation”

W3C Recommendation

W3C Recommendation

The official debuted of HTML 5 in October 2014, it was a very big deal. 2 years later, The World Wide Web consortium (W3C) has released the official HTML 5.1 specification. In an announcement, the W3C said that the new release of HTML has come with the first minor revision of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that is being widely used in web apps.

In this version, the new features have introduced to help the Web applications authors, research into prevailing authoring practices and some new elements have too introduced.

W3C writes on his official blog, HTML 5.1 gives special attention to defining the clear conformance criteria for user agents to improve interoperability.

Unlike the previous release of HTML, there are nothing major changes in HTML 5.1. However, there are some attributes and elements have introduced such as <pictures>, <dialog> and <summary> & <details> combo tags. You can find the complete changes here.

W3C is also planning to bring the HTML 5.2 recommendation in late 2017. Which will replace the HTML 5.1 Recommendation.

You can see the full HTML 5.1 Recommendation here.

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