The PDF Candy is a powerful online tool available free of charge. Many are interested to know the function of this tool. Actually, it converts Word to PDF, image to PDF, other types of files like Excel, ORT, PPT to PDF documents. This tool can be used to merge PDF files, split image to PDF, delete, unlock or flip the page and add watermark.  The most interesting thing about the PDF candy is that all its features are available on the web and one does not need to install the software on the computer.

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If you have access to the PDF candy application and want to use it, then you can go through this segment where details of using the app are provided. The PDF candy has a number of interesting features which can be viewed by visiting the PDF candy website. Every feature mentioned on the website has its own icon and therefore it is easy to search for the one that you want to choose. Whichever PDF candy icon you select, do not forget to do either of the following, either you choose the “+” button to open the file browser of the computer, you can also choose the file from the google drive.

PDF candy

As an instance, the PNG to PDF file converter converts PNG images to PDF files. In the PDF Candy, it is lucidly mentioned about the process by which PNG images can be converted to PDF files. Not just a single image for conversion to PDF files. A person can choose more than one images to convert to PDF files. Whatever PNG files you choose, to convert them into PDF files, click on the convert button. Then once that is done, download the converted files to the computer system.

Likewise, you can choose to convert Excel files, PPT files and so on. The PDF candy can be very useful and use it can be simple. The file converter is available online and it allows the user to convert as many as 24 types of file to PDF document.

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Why should we use the PDF candy?

There are numerous reasons for that.

PDF candy

Firstly, there are situations when are obliged to work with PDF documents. The PDF candy, which is available online, offers an easy way to convert as many as 24 types of files into PDF documents.

If you want to convert excel files to PDF documents then there can be excel to PDF document converter. Again, if you choose to convert PPT file to PDF then you have to search for PPT to PDF converters online. However, with the PDF candy, you can do such conversions for as many as 24 files. This is a hassle free way to do multiple file conversions.

The file is available online and therefore using it is fast and simple. Yet another benefit of the tool is that more than one files of the same type can be converted.

Individuals who want to convert files to PDF documents. They can search for the software, online and use it to convert files to PDF documents. The online software converts any of the 24 types of files to PDF documents. If you are working with a word file and want it as a PDF document then you can conveniently use the online file converter to do the file conversion.