You always access android apps in your Android smartphone. I mean Yes! They are meant to run on the android devices only. But there are so many emulators available on the internet that will allow you to run your favorite android apps on PC. But those emulators sometimes hang, gives slow speed and about their monotonous look, people just hate it and find many difficulties to run their apps on PC. But today I am going to tell you the about simple and sweet trick which will easily allow you to run and access your Android apps in Google Chrome Browser. You can easily Run Android Apps On PC after using this trick.

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How To Run Android Apps On PC

All you need to do is download one simple plugin into your Google Chrome. The name of this cool plugin is ARC Welder. This plugin will work as an emulator that will simply allow you to run android apk files in your Chrome browser. Just follow these steps to add this plugin into your browser to run apk files on it.


1. First of all, you need to download and install the latest version of Google Chrome. Next, sign in with your Google account to your chrome browser. After that, go to the web store and download the plugin ARC welder. You can download it from HERE also.

Run Android Apps In Your Google Chrome Browser 2

2. Now download any android apk file you want to run on your browser. Try these links to download any apk files you want.

Run Android Apps In Your Google Chrome Browser 3

APKMirror & APKLeecher

3. Then the ARC Welder app will display at the bottom left corner of your Google Chrome screen named as apps.

Run Android Apps In Your Google Chrome Browser 4


4. Just click on the Add your apk option and you will be able to add you downloaded apk there and also can check if that file is familiar with the plugin or not.

Run Android Apps In Your Google Chrome Browser


So that’s it. Now enjoy using your favorite android apps in your Google Chrome browser.

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