We all must have already heard and know that our private messages are not truly private and can be intercepted by someone who really wants to do it and has the right tools at their disposal. But now we are going to tell you that it is not true. Not everything you send or share can be tracked online. The experts and developers have started finding new ways to make the messages harder or just impossible to crack so that they can be kept away from the inquisitive buff. Now there are mobile chat apps that can help you talk to people under anonymity that too without losing the spirit of usability of such kind of apps. Here is the list of top 10 Anonymous Messaging Apps which allows to talk to people without letting them know your identity.

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1. Wut Wut

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS 9

It is a new social app which let’s send anonymous, ephemeral or non-permanent messages to your Facebook friends who are also on Wut.With this app anyone can now share their spur of the moment for a quick laugh and the best part of it is that these messages will self-destruct.

Download – iOS

2. Yik yak

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS 10

It is an online application in which you get the opportunity to attract with like minded people. How it works is pretty simple, you post messages to a live feed, on which you can see everyone else’s thoughts or join an ongoing conversation that interests you, and you might just be able to meet up with someone you thinks exactly the same way as you do.

Download – iOS

3. Psst

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS 4


This Android chat app, a chat platform which stores none of your chats or chat IDs. You can share anything from your political views to clichéd jokes with other users. And the features which hold everything up is that it allows your posts stay active for just 48 hours only and private chats stay for half a minute and after that, they are gone forever.

Download – Android

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4. Truth

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS 6


The iOS app that helps you to stay anonymous while chatting, you will only be identified as a type of Owl. All messages will only be received by or sent to people in your contact list, so you will be talking to people you know; they just won’t know it is you.

Download – iOS

5. Whisper

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS 7


If you love to share memes, here is a perfect app for you. You can get topics of your interest and share anything on your mind via memes. Share thoughts, feelings, reaction, and responses to your friends. Forget not to share/post them with a background photo. This supports iOS and Android platforms both.

Download – iOS | Android

6. Popcorn

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS 3


Another iOS chat app which allows you talk to anyone who is active within a radius of a mile. This is good for those looking to build a local community or in-campus group or a group in a city to relieve boredom while at office.

Download – iOS

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7. Anomo

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS


A simple and fun chat app which supports both android and iOS. You can start chatting via icebreaker games with 4 other users and then go on chatting with matches provided. Once you get comfortable, you can reveal yourself by sending him/her a reveal request.

Download – iOS | Android

8. Kindly

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS 2

This iOS chat app allows its users to build compassionate community of helpful listeners. Kindly App connects users with anonymous listeners, people who will listen to you speaking out your problem or asking questions you are uncomfortable asking people around you and they can provide inspiration or emotional support in times of need. Plus, its users can also chat openly in a threaded conversation feed or go one-on-one if the situation requires it.

Download – iOS

9. Roomvine

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS 5

It is an app to chat with strangers in the same neighborhood with complete anonymity. With this app you can check what is going on at a location around you. Not only this, with Room vibe, you can also remotely tune into what is happening at particular place anywhere around the world.

Download – iOS | Android

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10. Wondr

10 Anonymous Messaging Apps for Android and iOS 8

With Wonder, although you identity is not completely hidden, however it allows your Twitter followers to hide their identity when asking you questions. Once a session is started, a push notification will be sent to your followers. This will allows you to then chat with them as if you are in a forum.

Download – iOS | Android

Any other apps you want to suggest us, it’ll be great. We will add them into this blog.