Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016, Play Hard


Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016If you’re a game lover then there is a good news for you. 2016 is looking very promising in the field of Play Station 4 (PS4) gaming. The PS4 comes with beautiful graphics and very smart interface providing blazing performance. Play Station 4 makes it super-easy, amazing to capture, doubles solid media-streaming and broadcast the gameplay.

PS4 bundle comes with HDMI cable, a USB charging cable and Dualshock Wireless controller. PS4 provides a lot of games that can you play. I am sharing “10 best PlayStation 4 games (PS4 games) that you would love.

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Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016

1. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is first seen on the PS3 but then moved on to PS4. In this game, players attempt to control the role of a young boy who attempts to run out of some ruins with the help of Trico. The trike is a large creature with features like don and a griffin. The game lets you explore the unbreakable and the unforgettable bond of trust, comradeship and extraordinary adventure in mystical and strange island, where the young boy survives among the danger and crumbling ruins that surrounds them.


Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 2

2. Unravel

Unravel is of the best adventures and most polished puzzle games that you can enjoy by following the tale of Yarny. Yarny is made of the single thread that tries to reconnect the memories of journey in order to find his lost family.

Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 3

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the best and the biggest game in the series, with a focus on sandbox locations and darker tone, while being the last adventure to feature Nathan Drake as a protagonist.

Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 4

4. Bloodborne

Bloodborne will let you hunt the nightmares during the journey of the city where you can encounter, death, madness and nightmarish creatures in every corner.

Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 5

5. Battlefield Hardline

This game based on an intense story of revenge and also inspired by TV crime drama. You will encounter the powerful vehicles, advanced weaponry in order to deliver the justice.NBA 2K15


Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 6

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6. NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 is the right platform, who want to feel the real life experience. It allows you to build your own fantasy dream team and hit the court to shoot the victory. This game also supports multiplayer.


Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 7

7. Batman: Arkham Knight

This is an epic game, thriller, powerful and ambitions. This game is open the door of Superhero in the gaming world. It’s a complete superhero SIM package empowering gadgetry and dark storytelling.

Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 8

8. Hellblade

Hellblade unsheathe the bloodstained of warrior senua who fight for survival in ferociously journey through a nightmarish landscape.

Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 9

9. The Witcher3: The Wild Hunt

The Witcher3 lets you discover the epic saga of Gerald if Rivia. It allows you to explore the “Northern Kingdoms” where you will discover the mysteries lurk with the village, shadow and every tree.

Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 10

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10. Street Fighter 5

This game is for newcomers and hardcore players. It includes new strategies to the intricate game of chess. Also, this game come with new and amazing characters with real money and in-game currency. This game also comes with multiplayer.

Top 10 Best PS4 Games Of 2016 11

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