How To Encrypt Your Android Phone, The Ultimate Guide

Encrypt Your Android
We all have information which we don’t want to share. Especially these days, when our phone is synced with all our accounts, it would be nice if we could protect our phone. Maybe you can make your android save the data in a scrambled format and then using one pin unscramble all the data back. Basically just encrypt your phone. Now on some handsets running Lollipop and higher, it’s already enabled out-of-the-box, but for others you have some work to do.

How to Encrypt Android Device (Android Encryption)?

Now this process would take more than an hour, so make sure you’ve enough time. If you mess with it before, you will most likely lose your data. Also you require enough energy to carry out the task, basically it should be at least 80% charged. And if in your previous experiment if you had rooted your device, make sure unroot it first, finish the process, and then root again.

So to begin with the procedure, first check if your phone is already encrypted or not by going to Settings and tapping on “Security”. If the device isn’t encrypted, then select the “Encrypt phone” option.



Next, you will get a warning sign as to what will happen once you’re done. If your okay with it, click “Encrypt Phone” button.


warning sign

They will again try to warn you to not mess with the process. If still into it, go head and click “Encrypt Phone”.

warning sign 2

After this the phone will reboot and start the process. A progress bar and estimated time left will show.

Once this is over, the phone will reboot. If you have set up a lock screen password, PIN, or pattern, you’ll have to put it in now so the device will finish the boot process. If you haven’t done this, then now is a good time to do so. Go to Settings > Security menu. Select the “Screen Lock” option and choose Pattern, PIN, or Password to set your security.

set pin

You’ll be asked if you want to require the PIN, password, or pattern at startup. It would best choose yes.


secure start up

If encryption is already there by default, there is no way to disable encryption. But if you’re encrypting the phone on your own, then remember these things before you go ahead.

  • Slower Performance: Now, since the data has to be de-crypted every time you access it, the performance might be a little affected. Though it may not be noticeable if you have especially powerful devices.
  • Encryption is one-way: The only way to undo this encryption process is by factory resetting the device. So do this only if you are very sure about it.

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These things have just given you an idea as to the caveats that will come, but it will still be best if you protect your phone..

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