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How to section resolve around simple and useful tips to improve productivity of computers, gadgets and more. We try to help people on web includes tutorials and how to guides for windows, Linux and more.
Tweak Google Text-to-Speech Settings

How To Tweak Google Text-to-Speech Settings (Tweak The Speech, Pitch Etc.) On Android

In just a few years, the text-to-speech (TTS) features has exploded in mobile devices. The first iPhones and Android devices rarely could speak to...
Google Assistant

How To Get Google Assistant On Your Android Phone With Android Nougat

Google has revealed two new smartphones Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL phones. They have packed amazing hardware and software as well. Google has introduced...
Direct Link of Any Movie

How To Find Direct Download Link Of Any Movie, The Ultimate Guide

Everyone would be a movie lover like me. But when you search a movie on Google and click on any website, you would find...
parallel space

How To Use Parallel Space To Run Multiple Social Accounts On One Device?

Sometimes, we need to use multiples social accounts on Android. For instance, we might have to use two WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other...
facebook messennger encryption

How To Encrypt Your Facebook Messages (Chats) And Send Self-destruct Messages

WhatsApp owned by Facebook had launched an end-to-end encryption in April 2016, Now Facebook has finally implemented end-to-end encryption in its Facebook Messenger. It...
Dual Boot Ubuntu On Android Phone

How To Dual Boot Ubuntu On Android Phone, The Ultimate Guide

Canonical has been developing Ubuntu for Devices (phone and tablet version of Ubuntu) for a long time. But because of various reasons, it has...
install chrome extensions in firefox

How To Install Google Chrome Extensions In Firefox, The Ultimate Guide

There was a time when Mozilla’s Firefox was the undisputed winner in market share among Chrome and others. However, time has changed now, Google...
Download Subtitles using VLC

How To Load Subtitles Automatically On VLC, Download Subtitles From VLC

You don’t need any introduction for the VLC Media Player. It is one of the most popular, open sourced and most downloaded media player....

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