Dislikable Airline Passengers That We Hope To Never Sit Next To On Our Next Flight


A desperate need to lie down

The lack of legroom and the straight-backed passenger seats on airplanes are enough to make your entire body cramp up. Sometimes, you want to recline your seat, but because you’re nice, you don’t want the person behind you to feel uncomfortable.

Apparently, this guy has it figured out. As long as this happened while the seatbelt sign was off, it was probably fine? But also, there is no one sitting in the seat behind him, and he could have just reclined his seat back all the way!


On-board makeup service

Sometimes, you have to immediately go to an event once your flight lands. In instances like this, you’re usually already dressed for the occasion on the plane. You might even do your makeup before you get off. But, it’s a little challenging to put on falsies high up in the sky.


Yup, you would need some assistance so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. Isn’t this what best friends are for? They are always there at just the right moment to help you look the ‘most fly’ when you step off the plane.

Wake me up

Frequently when you’re asleep during flights, the flight attendant will skip you when they’re serving the meals, snacks, and drinks. This is probably out of courtesy, as they assume you need the rest more than what they’re offering. But this means you miss out on meals and will be hungry when you wake up.

This lady is actually pretty smart to wear this tag. Okay, maybe she could have placed it a little better than on her travel pillow. But at least the stewards now know that she doesn’t mind being woken up.

Drying out socks

We can’t even begin to imagine what happened on this flight that warrants this man hanging up his crusty socks on the airplane window. Maybe he accidentally got them wet in the toilet and wanted to dry them out?


We’re pretty sure most flights will provide you socks if you are desperate, so we don’t see the need in doing this. This guy is just lucky that it was daylight outside. But even then, the cabin is usually so cold that we’re not sure his socks would have even dried.

Airport Mowgli

We understand that children can be difficult to control sometimes. They tend to cause a scene and make things complicated when you’re traveling. But we’re honestly not sure if what this kid is doing is something to shame or be impressed by.


It’s pretty impressive that this kid managed to climb that high up the beam. There aren’t any notches there that he can cling to for support, so imagine his upper body strength! Most men only dream of being able to do that.