Top 10 Cool Instagram Tips And Tricks You Probably Don’t Know



Millions of people are using Instagram app and the website. This app got huge success in a very short period of time. It is one of the best pics or photo sharing websites in the world. It is well known that Facebook own Instagram and they are providing the best and amazing features in this app. Some of you may know all the features of this app. But there are so many people who are still looking for best Instagram Tips And Tricks. So that’s why today I have come up with the Top 10 amazing tips and tricks of Instagram which you guys probably don’t know. So must check them out in the description below.

Top 10 Cool Instagram Tips And Tricks

1. Add Hashtags Like A Pro

Your photos on Instagram are not worth, if you are not putting hashtags on them. So if you want some popular and relevant hashtags for your pictures on Instagram, just download the separate app called HashTags for adding hashtags in your photos.


Download Here – HashTags


2. Save Instagram Photos

Saving photos from Instagram is not an easy part. But with this app – Grab – you can save all the photos you want on your Android device.

3. Instagram Layouts

There is an official Android app made by developers of Instagram to make the great collage photos on your Android device. You can download it from the link below.

Download Here – Layout from Instagram: Collage

4. Run Two Instagram Accounts At the Same Time

If you want to run multiple Instagram accounts on your Android, then just download the Parallel Space app from the play store. This app will allow you to run 2 or 3 accounts at the same time.


Download Here – Parallel Space: Multi Accounts

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5. Embed Instagram Photos To Your Website

Just open your Instagram account on the computer. Select the image you want on your website. Click on three dots there. After that select embed option and copy the embed code. Paste the code on your website where you want that photo. In this way you can embed any Instagram image on your website.

6. Share Instagram Pictures To Facebook

Open your Instagram app and link your account with Facebook first in the settings. Then select the image, click on the share button and then tap on the Facebook icon to share the photo on FB.

7. See Your Instagram Photos on Facebook

First of all open your Facebook profile on Android or PC. Then click on more and then tap on Instagram. Here you can check and see all the images you shared  on Facebook from Instagram.

8. Schedule Instagram Photos

With the app named Latergramme you can schedule your Instagram photos on your Android phone.

Download Here – Latergramme

9. Save Data While Using Instagram

Just follow the step below to save your mobile data while using Instagram.

Open Instagram > Settings > Options > Cellular Data Use > Use Less Data.

10. Best Instagram App Alternative

If you don’t like the user interface and the features of the Instagram App and looking for the alternative for browsing Instagram on your Android device, then just download the Grab for Instagram application from the Google Play Store to use amazing new features you won’t get in official Instagram app. You can also download photos and videos to your Android phone with this app.

Download Here – Grab for Instagram

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