4 Google Account Security Tips You Should Never Ignore


Google Account Security Tips

We can’t imagine our life without Google in nowadays. Google is almost everywhere, for instance, Google search, Gmail, maps, YouTube, contacts, calendars, Android, etc.

Either, we also get access to various websites using Google accounts. Google has become intrinsic part of our daily life, who is connected with the internet.  Google knows everything about us, for instance Google tracks your activity, Google stores your data when you surf the web etc.


But, it’s not a good idea to leave your Google account for vulnerability attacks. You should take some essential steps against vulnerability attacks. In this compilation, we have listed a few tips that could help you to secure your Google account.


Google’s Security Checkup

Google Account has an inbuilt feature that allows you to check your account’s security settings. To secure the account, go to “My Account” and access “Security Checkup” feature which is listed below “Sign in & Security.”

Once done, you will see a new window that will ask to review your recovery and security information. You should check all the information thoroughly.


1. Setting a Recovery and Phone Email

To improve your Google account security, you need to add “Recovery Phone and Recovery Email.” Once done, the recovery email account receives alert mail, in case your Google account is logged on from a device other than the ones trusted by your account.


2. Check the Devices Connected to Your Account

The next steps allow you to review the devices that were recently used to access your account. You would see their some devices, take a review whether it’s familiar or unfamiliar. Now, click on the “Looks Good,” if the devices are trusted by you. Otherwise, just go with “Something looks wrong” option.



3. Check your account permissions

You will see here, your Google account is connected with many applications or websites. Take a look at this page, review the information thoroughly as you don’t want to share your personal details with applications, just remove them.


4. Review Your 2-Step Verification Settings

2-Step verification is the one of the most important security feature offered by Google. To setup the 2-Step Verification you just need to follow the simple steps.


Step 1: Follow the link https://myaccount.google.com/security#signin and click on the 2-Step verification. Just click on “Get Started.”


Step 2: Now, Just follow the procedure and enable the 2-Step verification.

Once done, Whenever you will try log in, Google will send you an OTP on your mobile number. Just enter the OTP and you would login successfully into Google Account (Gmail).

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