The Facebook Messenger app, which is used by many of us every day for chatting and voice calls, has a hidden chess game that probably most of us don’t know about. The game can be played by any user in a personal chat window. It works on the Messenger app for Android and iOS, the Messenger Web client and via messages on the Facebook Web interface. The game does not require to be played in groups. With an active game, the two people in a conversation can continue to talk. Here is a quick description in order to play the Chess Game On Facebook Messenger. This is not a simple chess game but it is really amazing to play that one.

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1) To get started, enter “@fbchess play” command to begin playing a game with the person you’re chatting with.

How To Play Cool Chess Game On Facebook Messenger With Your Friend 2

2) Once you do so, a chess board will suddenly appear in the chat box and the player with the white pieces moves first.

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3) Here’s the trick, despite the fact that a visual representation of the board appears on screen, you’ll have to type in commands to make a move.

How To Play Cool Chess Game On Facebook Messenger With Your Friend 3

4) There is some standard algebraic notation like:-

B for “Bishop”

R for “Rook”

Q for “Queen”

K for “King”

N for “Knight”

P for “Pawn”

5) To move, you will have to type the number on the vertical column along with alphabet. So for example, to move your pawn into 4th column you will type “@fbchess Pe4” .

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6) The new rule in this game is that you can even undo your move but only if your opponent allows you. To do so, type “@fbchess undo” command.

7) If the rules are unclear to you and if the game becomes a little tedious you can always ask for help and have a look at the rules again by command @fbchess help.

How To Play Cool Chess Game On Facebook Messenger With Your Friend 7


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