Facebook Messenger Hidden Basketball Game, How to Play Basketball Mini-game In Messenger?


Basketball Mini-gameFacebook has updated their “Messenger App,” that lets you to play “Basketball Mini-game” in “Facebook Messenger App.” Just like everyone, Facebook founder – Mark Zuckerberg is so much excited about March Madness. Facebook surprised its users by embedding a secret chess game inside messaging app. So are you wondering how to play basketball in “Facebook Messenger App.” Well, this mini basketball game available on both iOS and Android app.

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Here’s the emoji  for copying and pasting: – 

How to Play Basketball Mini-game In Messenger?

Before starting the game, make sure that you have updated your “Messenger App.” Accessing the basketball mini-game in the messenger is very simple just send basketball. Please note that you need to send a basketball emoji from the keyboard, not a sticker. If basketball emoji is not visible in your messenger app, just copy the given icon and send to a friend.



Before sending the basketball emoji, you need to update your messenger app from iOS or Android store. The mechanism of the game is so simple. You need to just swipe the ball upward to flick it toward the hoop. The ball changes at the bottom of the screen every after shot. And your starting position will change and game will get tougher after each level (after 10 Points).


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