10 Awesome Facebook Tricks You Probably Don’t Know


Facebook Tricks

Everyone connected with internet is in touch with Facebook. We use it , we get interested , we get addicted and we assume we know it all , but Hey ! i swear you’ve never heard of the cool stuff I’am about to present.

Below are some awesome and cool tips and tricks that will reactivate your Facebook activity and will definitely bring you closer to being a all round good user.


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1. Make your secret group

Want some private space on social networking, yes it seems little awkward but you can have your private group to invite friends with whom you want to share your personal stuff.

Go on Facebook group page and click “create group”, then select “secret” option. This will definitely give you an upper -hand in sharing information.

2. Silent your notifications

Are you fed up with too many notifications, don’t be irritated with them. Just click on notification icon and click X to delete. This will silent your unwanted and effluvium notifications.

3. Post upside-down

Drive your friends crazy by changing the orthodox approach of posting your stuff. All you need to do is go to “Flip Text” and write it there , after this a simple copy/paste will make you post flip. You can also use this to post upside-down on your twitter account.



4. Save entire albums

Were you being in good times with your friends? Did you shared that as well? and now you want to keep your Facebook albums safe, what you have to do is login in your Facebook account with pick’n’zip and choose your album. This will save your entire album on your PC.  

5. Select friends who can see you in online chat

We all have friends on social network whom we don’t always like to chat with. You can easily hide you online/offline status by selecting ‘settings’ icon and then select ‘advanced settings’. From there you can proceed further to make your choice.

6. Make your post language/geographic selective

Want to make your post visible to selective users speaking a certain language or in certain area/city.  Just change the public status by selecting your specific group of interest when writing your post.



7. Manage your friend circle by creating and managing your friend list

Want to manage and control of what others see on your profile. Just click on ‘Facebook list page’, there you will find your default friend list, now click on ‘create list’ and go ahead making your own list.

8. Have some fun with “Pirate English”

Click on your ‘account settings’ and change the “language choice” and Boom. It will make the entire Facebook terminology look amusing and chucklesome. Pirate english is much more funny when using with Facebook.

9. Edit your mistakes

Is there any parapraxis on your comment or does it look ambiguous ? don’t worry Facebook allow you to easily fix it up. Just roll over the comment and click on pencil icon , this will edit it away.

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10. Get access to hidden messages

Oops! Facebook can hide some messages. Most of us are unaware that Facebook has two folders , messages and other , you may find some of your message on other folder. So hurry up and check out the messages you never discovered before.

11. Getting-off with Facebook

At last , if you want to leave Facebook forever (of course with your present account) then just click this link 

This will delete your account permanently. It may take about 90 days to delete all your posts and pics but that others won’t be able to access.

These cool tips and tricks can make your online social life quite a bit interesting. I hope this will widen your social networking network and provide you greater opportunities to stay connected with your friends and families.