Top 5 Methods Hackers Used To Hack Facebook Accounts: Must Know About Them


Top 5 Methods Hackers Used To Hack Facebook Accounts

Hacking Facebook accounts is actually not an easy thing. Facebook uses so many software engineers and hackers to provide best security for their users. But all of that is sufficient to secure your account? The Answer is NO. There are thousands of best hackers around the world. Every single minute an anonymous hack someone. People love to know about hacking that how they can hack this and that, but they forgot they can also be hacked by those things. So if you really like hacking stuff and you are learning it, then first you need to secure your account so that others can’t hack you. So today I’ve come up the methods which hackers used to Hack Facebook Accounts and recovered you FB password. You need to beware of those hacking attacks so that you can save your precious data and your account on FB.

NOTEThis article is just for an educational purpose so that people prevent those hacking attacks & can secure their Facebook accounts. Don’t try this for any illegal activity. The motive behind the article is to aware you guys from hackers.


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Methods Hackers Used To Hack Facebook Accounts

1. Phishing Method

Top 5 Methods Hackers Used To Hack Facebook Accounts 3

This is the mostly used method hackers used to recover a FB password from the victim. There are so many methods to execute phishing attacks. For example, Hacker creates a fake login page which will look exactly same as your real login page. It will ask you to login with your email and password. The moment you will log in through that fake page, your credentials will sent to the hacker in a text file format.

2. Keylogging Method


This method is the simplest and the easiest way to Hack FB password. Also, it’s the dangerous one because a person with the great computer knowledge will also catch in its claws. There is a program named Keylogger, once it will install on the person you want to hack, it will record each and everything what victim doing on his/her system. After that this program sent those logs to the hacker by the email address of him or either FTP.

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3. Stealer’s

Top 5 Methods Hackers Used To Hack Facebook Accounts 3

Most of the people use Remember Password option in their browser, so that they don’t need to login again and again by entering email and password. I also did that…lol. I found it very convenient, but now I realize it’s quite dangerous as well. Because Stealer’s are the software which hackers used to capture stored passwords which victim stored in his browser.

4. Mobile Phone Hacking

Millions of people in the world access their FB accounts via Smartphone. If anyhow Hackers can get access to your phone, he will easily hack your Facebook account. There are so many apps and tools which can monitor a smartphone. Some of the best and popular are – Spy Phone Gold and Mobile Spy.

5. DNS Spoofing Method

This method will only work when a hacker and victim are on the same network. Same network will allow the hacker to create a fake login page to the original of the victim’s one. As a result the attack will execute and the hacker will get victim’s credentials.

There are other hacking methods as well to hack FB account. But these are the mostly used and common methods to recover FB password. So be careful with these methods. Don’t use it for illegal stuff. Just know about them so that you can save and secure your account. Please share your views and queries with us regarding this article by commenting in the comment box below. Don’t forget to Share the post. Must Share this. Follow techxerl on twitter and Subscribe us for latest Updates.