A few weeks ago, we published the article about List of Best Hacking Tools of 2016. In that article we told you about so many hacking tools which you can use to learn hacking. But now I realized, using those hacking tools on a casual operating system is not that much more beneficial than using it on the Hacking OS. Hacking operating systems are so popular these days. The reason behind is that in these OS, you don’t need to install any hacking tools. They already have been installed on those OS. More than that the software efficiency is much more in Hacking OS as compare to casual OS. Your system will have the hardware utilization, anonymity which is a great advantage. Being anonymous is awesome. So that’s why today I have come up with Top 5 Best Operating Systems For Hackers. Security researchers also use this OS. And yeah! It’s really cool.

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Best Operating Systems For Hackers

1. Kali Linux

Top 5 Best Operating Systems For Hackers 5

It is a penetration testing tool which uses a variety of techniques just to check the limits of security policies and procedures. Kali Linux should be the part of every professional toolbox which is related to security. It includes almost 300 different tools.

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2. BackBox

Top 5 Best Operating Systems For Hackers

It is actually very lightweight operating system and requires a very less capacity of hardware system. It is a distribution of Linux based on Ubuntu. It’s been made to perform security assessments and penetration tests.

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Top 5 Best Operating Systems For Hackers 2


It is the customization of Ubuntu with a huge collection of computer forensic programs. These programs and documents have been created by 100s and 1000s of people and their teams and companies. Each and every program and document work comes under a strong different license.

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4. Node Zero

Top 5 Best Operating Systems For Hackers 6


Node Zero is similar to other Linux OS. There is actually no difference in b/w. It is also used for penetration testing and ethical hacking. It is a very handy OS if you will use it for occasional testing. Regular testing will deplete its capability.

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5. Backtrack

Top 5 Best Operating Systems For Hackers 4


And the last one in my list is Backtrack. Every hack lover just love this OS. This OS is a well-known and mostly use to perform many network hacks and privacy. This is one of the best Linux based Operating system you can use to learn and do hacking.

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These were my top 5 best operating system for hacking. There are so many others OS available online which people will suggest you are the best. But I found these 5 the best ones. So must try them if you want to learn hacking. Don’t forget to Share the post. Please give your views about this article by commenting in the comment box below. Follow techxerl on twitter and Subscribe us for the latest updates.