How To Learn Ethical Hacking: 3-Step Guide


Learn Ethical Hacking 2

As careers in Ethical Hacking become ever more lucrative, many more people have started to look at Hacking as a potential career choice. For newbies and amateurs who want to foray into hacking, here is a 3-step guide to help you out.

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Learn Ethical Hacking

1. Explore the basics

Knowledge of fundamental concepts related to essential components of the computer, such as OS-related basics, network protocols, computer networking and their working is very important. There are various websites on the Internet which can help, apart from books on specialized aspects.


2. Use good quality resources to enhance the learning process

Even though hacking is a self-learning exercise, it is important to have access to good quality resources,  so that hacking can be learnt in step-by-step manner. Seeking guidance from a good teacher or using good books like “Hacking Secrets Exposed” can help in laying a strong foundation and make the whole process less challenging.

Remember that although a lot of information is available on the Internet, most of it is too complex for beginners to understand completely and this can hamper the learning process.

3. Learn Programming

Learn Ethical Hacking 3

Knowledge of programming languages like HTML, PHP and JavaScript will make it easy to analyze the background system processes and can play a significant role in making you a better hacker.

Also, even in programming, there are various languages with ready made tools and programs to help in hacking, like Kali Linux.


Hacking is a time-consuming process and demands a lot of effort. So it is important to acquire proper knowledge and grasp various skills over time, so as to catch vulnerabilities in systems and become a good hacker. A single goal-oriented approach can work wonders and make the learning process easier and faster.

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